Best Soundbar 2017 | 10 Top SoundBars of the Year

The team at best soundbar 2017 have extensively used, tested and explored several soundbars released last year and henceforth prepared a list of recommended soundbars to couple with a tv for the best cinematic sound experience. Thus, we put forward an extensive guide of the best soundbars 2017 so that you can choose the best sound bar for yourself and enjoy an amazing experience.

Last Year’s distinct Winner & Editor’s Choice Sound bar

Sonos PlayBar  Wireless Streaming TV Soundbar

best soundbar 2017

Best Soundbar 2017 |  Top Soundbars  


Klipsch HD Theater SB 3 

Without sounds, you feel the emptiness in your life. Therefore, it’s important to spend for a great sound system. Before buying some new technology, it is vital to know exactly what are you buying. Some features of Klipsch HD Theater SB 3 – The Sound bar with Wireless Subwoofer, therefore, are provided in the review given below, so that those customers who are new to this would be able to choose wisely as per their needs.

Unbox the new exciting technology 

best soundbar 2017Here you got a box large enough to accommodate the SB 3 and a 10″ subwoofer. When you start unboxing all of the goodies inside, you will find the subwoofer and sound bar entirely clad in Styrofoam and a poly-bag for safe shipping.

Other inclusions consist of a card-style remote control, a 5 foot RCA cable, mounting feet, and template, a 5-foot optical TOSlink cable, power cords for both the subwoofer and sound bar and user manuals.

Integrated keyhole mounts on the SB 3 allow the user to support the speakers on the wall. These mounts also serve as the anchor points to move the included feet comfortably on the table for tabletop applications.


Width 44 inches
Height 4.6 inches
Depth 3.1 inches
Weight 12.5 lbs.


SB 3 is a solidly built, quality product. With a polish black finish, sound bar’s curved ends, along with removable insert cloth grills you will find SB 3 well constructed. Two sets of drivers are arranged on each end of the sound bar, each consisting of a single horn tweeter lined by a pair of 3.5” midranges. Such a driver supplement promises a high level of sonic capacity. SB 3 comes in Matte Black finish along with 1 Sound bar and 1 Subwoofer. Its color is satin black

The control panel has multi-color status LED for 3D mode and remote programming. It contains multiple buttons for source, mute, volume, and a 2nd multicolor LED for identifying the selected source. SB 3controll panel has no power button, and it sleeps automatically after almost 10 minutes without a signal.


On the rear end, it has connections for power, RCA and Optical inputs, and a power switch. The right end of the sound bar has a third analog input which is a 3.5-millimeter jack for making the connection of the SB3 to the phone or music player.


The subwoofer is 13″ wide, 13.5″ deep and 14.5″ tall and weighs almost 25lbs. It has a 10-inch driver diameter. Its driver material is aluminum, injection molded graphite (IMG). It has seamless matte black vinyl finishing with rounded corners. Subwoofer only has the power switch, and it gains control as the subwoofer connects wirelessly with the sound bar. A back LED turns blue when powered on and wirelessly connected, and it turns red when in power save mode.

Power consumption of the Subwoofer

Power consumption for the sub plus sound bar is under 20 watts during use and about 1 watt in a standby state.



Klipsch HD Theater SB 3 sound bar has the maximum output power of 300-watt. It comes with Built-in decoders of Dolby Digital. It has Frequency Response of 28 – 20000 Hz, which enables it for the most accurate sound reproduction. Both wired and wireless connectivity technology makes it easier to use. SB-3 has the highest wattage, high-quality Aluminum diaphragm tweeters. It has the latest output sound bar to date.

The SB 3 is easy to set up. It can be connected to almost any television and has its own remote control. SB 3 sounds awesome regardless of volume it just plays everything with ultra-dynamic sound, which is distortion-free. The SB 3 is easy to clean. So, if you want some high definition sound, you need Klipsch HD Theater SB 3 sound bar with wireless subwoofer. The 3D effect modulates the phase between these two driver arrays and gives a more dispersed sound field.


  • Wireless Subwoofer makes placement easier
  • Compact Design
  • Low Distortion


  • Only one digital input
  • No Bluetooth

VIZIO SB3851-C0 38-Inch 

Home is a special place where we can relax and enjoy ourselves far away from the troubles of the outside world. But we must admit that sometimes even home can get boring. Well, there are plenty of solutions to this problem, and one of them is to get a good sound bar, like the VIZIO SB3851-C0 38-Inch 5.1 Channel Sound Bar.

best soundbar 2017Before buying some new technology, it is vital to know exactly what are you buying. Here are some features of VIZIO SB3851-C0 38-Inch – The 5.1 Channel Sound Bar that will make it your first choice. VIZIO SB3851-C0 38-Inch – The 5.1 Channel Sound Bar is a bonafide 5.1-channel system with a wireless Subwoofer and Satellite Speakers. These features make it an excellent sound bar.

A good sound system in your home Theater can do wonders for your entertainment. It enhances your movie experience. VIZIO Sound Bars are made to emphasize your TV with a simple body style that blends in easily with your room.

Unbox the new exciting technology 

Here you get a box large enough to accommodate the VIZIO SB3851-C0 38-Inch – The 5.1 Channel Sound Bar. VIZIO SB3851 package comes packed with everything a user will need to quickly and easily setup their sound bar system. In the box, you will find a High Definition Sound Bar, Wireless Subwoofer, 2 x Satellite Speakers and Remote Control with Batteries.

Other inclusions consist of a Stereo RCA to 3.5mm, 2 x Power Cables, Digital Optical Cable, Coaxial Audio Cable, Audio Cable, Wall Mount Template, 2 x Wall Mount Brackets (For satellite speakers), 4 x Wall Mount Screws, 4 x Velcro Cable Ties, 2 x Wall Mount Brackets (For sound bar), 2 x Satellite Speaker Audio Cables, Quick Start Guides (1 x English, 1 x French-Spanish).


Width 38 inches
Height 3 inches
Depth 3 inches
Packaging Weight 22.4 pounds


On the rear end, it has connections for power, RCA and Optical and coaxial digital audio inputs, USB port, and a power switch. It also has s a third analog input, a Mini-phone stereo 3.5 mm jack for connecting the VIZIO SB3851-C0 to a smartphone or a music player.


The subwoofer is 8.3 inches wide, 9.1 inches tall, 8.3 inches thick and weighs almost 7.3 lbs. It has 2.75 inches driver diameter.

Satellite Speakers

Satellite speaker is 3 inches wide, 5.9 inches tall, 3 inches thick and weighs almost 1.26 lbs.

Power consumption

VIZIO SB3851 requires nominal Voltage of AC 120 V. Frequency Required is 60 Hz, and its Power Source is AC power adapter. VIZIO SB3851 requires 2 AAA batteries.


VIZIO SB3851-C0 38-Inch – The 5.1 Channel Sound Bar with Wireless Subwoofer and Satellite Speakers has a maximum Output sound pressure level of 100 db. It comes with Built-in decoders of Dolby Digital, DTS Circle Surround, DTS TruSurround, DTS Digital Surround, DTS decoder. It has Frequency Response of 50 – 19000 Hz for satellite speakers and 60 – 19000 Hz for the subwoofer with less than 1% total harmonic distortion, which enables it for the most accurate and true 5.1 surround experience. Both wired and wireless connectivity technology makes it easier to use.

VIZIO SB3851 has the powerful sound that immerses you in the middle of the action when you’re playing games or watching movies or TV shows. VIZIO SB3851 is easy to set up. Built-in Bluetooth enables you to stream audio from your mobile devices wirelessly.

It can be connected to almost any TV and has its own remote control. VIZIO SB3851 sounds awesome regardless of volume it just plays everything with ease in a clean, distortion-free and ultra-dynamic sound. So if you want some top rated sound bars for your tv then the VIZIO SB3851 38 inch should be your first choice.


  • Satellite Speakers
  • Bluetooth Enabled
  • Wall Mountable & Easy to Setup
  • Wireless Streaming


  • Bulky Design
  • No HDMI output

Yamaha MusicCast YSP-2700 

Ever listened to music with the feel or watched a movie and felt you are actually in it? I think not. Yamaha MusicCast YSP-2700 – The Sound Bar with Wireless Subwoofer is definitely for you, which will transform your music listening, and movie watching experience.

best soundbar 2017


It is usually used as a soundbar for tv. As compared to YSP-2500, it is angled edged with jet-black finishing touch that gives an elegant look. The dimensions of the Yamaha MusicCast YSP-2700 are 37-1/8 inches in width, 2 inches in height and 6 inches in depth. These are the dimensions of the center unit without stand and antenna.

The user can also adjust the height through attached stands for few centimeters. This sound bar also has Ethernet port with HDMI inputs and ARC HDMI outputs. To support older devices and TV, it also has analog and optical inputs. Furthermore, it also has a USB service Port that can be used to connect mic and subwoofer.


The subwoofer has the width of 11-5/8 inches, the height of 11-3/4 inches and depth of 12-1/8 inches. The subwoofer is cube shaped front firing. However, the subwoofer is wireless and do not usually require a cable. 16 Array drivers of 2.8cm and driven by 2W of amplification are used in it and create a 7.1ch effect and definitely works better that YSP-2500. These specifications make this sound bar a perfect choice for the music and movie lovers. You can set up a home cinema and enjoy music, movie, and gaming with these features alone or with friends.


Yamaha MusicCast YSP-2700 is also considered to be the best soundbar for the money which includes sound beam technology that comes with:

  • 16mm drivers
  • MusicCast and multi-room audio Bluetooth
  • Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio decoding
  • Three HDMI 2.0 which are HDCP 2.2 inputs
  • 10 Cinema DSP modes
  • Airplay and Spotify Connect.

These features enhance its quality. The room where YSP-2700 has to be used should have a clear space so it can work properly. To large room or room with a lot of further can hinder its performance. To basic modes of this sound bar is surround for movies and stereo for music. It is compatible with TV, Blue Ray player, smartphones, and tablets. It also has environmental certification from ECO and CEC.

With the help of MusicCast multi-room, it first connects to the home network. In the case of the wireless network, it can be used after installing MusicCast application. The configuration of sound beams is the next and important step and can be done with automated Intellibeam set up routine using the microphone.

At the front of YSP-2700 sound bars, sixteen 2W drivers have installed that help to form surround-sound beams. It further contributes to driving the audio. The total power output is of 107W including 75W of the subwoofer. The whole process only takes few minutes.

Sound Quality

YSP-2700 has an amazing sound quality, and it accurately places sound in the room. Its subwoofer can perfectly handle the opening scenes, scenes of explosions. It can perfectly match the subwoofer to the sound bar. Dialogue listening is an amazing experience, and it’s clearly audible. It gives the perfect pleasure of home cinema.

Another fantastic feature of YSP-2700 is its usual Cinema DSP sound modes. It helps to experience the audio standard equal to the cinema and gives a thrilling feel. It includes four entertainment modes, three music, and movies modes respectively. Entertainment modes include sports, talk show, drama and game. Music modes include a music video, concert and jazz club. Movie modes include sci-fi, adventure, and spectacle. These modes help to enjoy movie, music or entertainment with the perfect sound system.

Music Performance

Built in MusicCast allows the user to use its YSP-2700, as part of the multi-room audio system. Different tracks on each player or one track on multiple devices can be played. MusicCast app also allows the users to play tracks using this application directly. It should be kept in mind that those tracts are being in iCloud Music Library so it cannot work using iPhone.

However, Airplay can be used to overcome this limitation as you can play music through iOS application. You should not be worry about the sources of music because MusicCast can be connected with other Bluetooth devices and Spotify Connect. The stereo mode of YSP-2700 is another advantage that enhances its audio quality.


  • 7.1 Surround Sound
  • Multi Room Audio
  • 4 HDMI Outputs


  • No IR PassThrough
  • Carefull Placement is required to get Optimum Sound


A proper 7.1 system with its discrete speakers can produce better sound, which will be more directional than the speakers of the TV. You will have to manage the wires and place the speakers properly but it will be worth the high-quality sound.

Raumfeld Wireless Streaming Soundbar

Nothing can excite you more if you have Raumfeld Wireless Streaming – The Sound bar with Slim Wireless Subwoofer product because it can amazingly deliver two sonic realms include home cinema and music. Wellenfeld technology gives away a broad soundstage and is considered to be one of the top rated sound bars in 2017.

What’s in the Box?                   

What amazing has in your newly purchased sound bar? Unbox it with excitement but carefully handle the items. It contains one Raumfeld sound bar and one subwoofer, one wall mount, one table mount and one remote control.

Design and Dimensions

Raumfeld WirelessSound Sound bar is slim, solid rectangle and stark. It is made up of aluminum and available in black and white color. Grille cloth is applied to front and sides. The perfect, and elegant body of Raumfeld Wireless Streaming – The Sound bar with Slim Wireless Subwoofer (White) makes it purely a thing to purchase and bring into your living room.


Width 39 inches
Height 3.9 inches
Depth 4.3 inches
Weight 19 lbs.

What’s best feature in it?

The best thing in sound bar has its nine premium drivers. These include three high excursion woofers and six broadband drivers. Class D with 42-watt power Amplifier is another amazing thing that gives out a clear and undistorted sound. You would never repent after buying it because every seat of your home becomes the best due to Wellenfeld technology. This sound bar is a blend of audio engineering and latest network technological advancement.

best soundbar 2017

Want to hear same music in every room? No problem. Its integrated multi-room system allows you to listen to same or different music in every corner of the house. The system installation is very easy. HDMI ARC can connect your television to the system. You can also control your system with television remote via HDMI CEC. It plays music with compression and compromise on sound quality.

It can support many streaming services and formats. You can listen to many songs from SoundCloud, Napster, Spotify and on-demand streaming services. Music from USB devices, NAS drives, and smartphones can also be played.

This device is a perfect match for musicians. Raumfeld loudspeakers allow streaming without any compromise on sound quality and can play back music is played in a way that would surely satisfy the artist. Stereo pairs are available.


Its dimension is 4.7 inches x 37.6 inches x 13 inches and rectangular in shape. Raumfeld Wireless Streaming – The Sound bar with Slim Wireless Subwoofer has a metal finish Subwoofer is designed in a way that it can easily be fitted under the sofa and it can powerfully give a solid foundation to movies and incredible realism. The cabinet of the subwoofer is made up of real wood. It has either matte black in color or silk white lacquer. It is also brushed with the aluminum that gives an elegant look to your system and as well as to the living room.

Audio Performance

Raumfeld sound bar has the ability to combine two sonic worlds as it allows the user to enjoy music streaming with hi-fi playback and also home cinema sound. This sound bar is integrated with Wellenfeld technology that fills your room with exciting, dynamic sound. Also, you can access to the music world through Wi-Fi technology. It allows direct streaming from Spotify and TIDAL HiFi. The German audio component lets you enjoy your music.

You can also listen to playback audio content; you can adjust soundstage as per your preference and the type of the content. It has four modes i.e. stereo mode, arena mode, theater mode and voice mode. Stereo mode is similar to the stereo system and lets you experience stereo sound as that of the original.

Arena mode lets you enjoy music by creating a broad panorama of sound through its side-mounted drivers. Theater mode helps the user to enjoy distinct and clear dialogues with the broad soundstage. Lastly, voice mode increases the frequency range and side driver’s helps to create discreet soundstage


  • Easy Setup
  • Balance Tuning Enabled
  • Low Distortion


  • Bass needs to be Calibrated
  • No Bluetooth

Overall, this is the best soundbar for the money and a fantastic product because of significantly better, can be purchased within the budget and gives an excellent sound quality.

Sony HTCT790 | SoundBar with 4K & HDR Support

You can get more excitement and thrill with Sony HTCT790 Sound Bar and enjoy home theater. It reduces audio distortion, and you can stream audio in high quality.

What’s in the Box?                 

Let yourself understand what your brand new Sony HTCT790 sound bar box have inside it. When you purchase your Sony HTCT790 sound bar, the box come with the active sound bar speaker, wireless powered subwoofer, remote control, 2 AAA batteries, 59 inch HDMI cable, 2 wall brackets, 2 machine screws, with the device the box contains HDMI cable, wall hanging bracket, batteries, warranty card, quick setup guide, instruction guide, and remote control.

All of these accessories would be neatly warped. Unbox them one by one and read the instruction carefully to setup your system. It is easy to install features help the user to enjoy your experience.


Sony HTCT790 has a stylish and slim design. It is positioned slightly upward titled in a way that that driver is pointed upwards and towards the user. Sony HTCT790 sound bar can be easily mounted on the wall as well as lays flat.

best soundbars 2017


The perfect main body dimensions of Sony HTCT790 make it purely glamorous and give an elegant look to your room. These dimensions are:

Width 40.55 inches
Height 2.05 inches
Depth 4.96 inches
Weight 6.17 lbs.


It can be connected with many HDMI and USB connections. It is also HDR compatible as it allows the users see extraordinary detail, color and contrast as compared to other formats. Its compatibility with HDCP 2.2 makes your device compatible with upcoming 4K formats, and Provides Copy Protections and helps is secure connections and an unlicensed copy of the material.

HDMI ARC output reduces the mass of cables, and you can connect with TV with single cable and 3x HDMI inputs allow the user to connect more. These features enhance the sound quality and make it superior to other sound bars, and the user can enjoy more features.


The stylish black unit subwoofer is wireless and has a rich and powerful bass. The subwoofer is 7.89 inches wide, 15.2 inches deep and 15.0 inches tall. It weighs almost 7.8 lbs. It can be positioned anywhere in the room. Bass Reflex Port will allow you to enjoy rich and resounding bass. It has 110-watt built-in amplifier that gives amazing sound technology.


Sony HTCT790 sound bar’s 2.1 channels help to enjoy soundtracks and deliver the best balance across all frequencies. Sony HTCT790 sound bar has Maximum Output Power of 300-watt. If you have a 4K compatible TV, then this is the perfect choice for you as it allows you to view 4K data without distortion in the image.

To enjoy the original and uncompressed sound of music albums and movies, it has a built-in Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Mater Audio. To have an amazing soulful experience of what you are listening, it has wireless surround sound speakers. Sony Pal application and multi-room listening can allow the user to listen to the music around their home.

It also has S-Master digital amplifier that helps to produce distortion free and clear sound. You can also connect and stream your smartphone, tablet or laptop and enjoy. You can easily access to huge range of music through Google Cast and Spotify Connect. If you want to enjoy music without disturbing other, put your headphones and enjoy music through streaming audio to headphones from sound bars via Bluetooth.

Its features also work perfectly for video. High Dynamic Range helps to improve image and picture detail, color, contrast, and brightness. The equalizer has both night mode and sound effects modes are game, movie, sports, and standard.

Power Consumption

Its power consumption in standby mode is 0.4 Watts, and in network standby mode the power consumption is 5.2 Watts when all the terminals and networks including Ethernet (5.9W), Wi-Fi (1.8W), Bluetooth (6.0W) are connected. After 20 minutes of not being used the network standby mode is activated.


  • Solid Bass
  • Dialogue Clarity
  • Sleek Design


  • Difficult to Setup
  • Surround Sound is a little distorted

The Sony HTCT790 – The Sound Bar with 4K and HDR Support lets you enjoy more emotion and get more excitement out of every scene of the movie or every song you will hear. The theater style sound will surround you, and the system will integrate with your interior.

Best Soundbar 2017 | A Word of Caution !

It is important that the user knows his budget and his needs before purchasing the products. The manual with the sound bars will help the users to assemble the parts of sound bar and subwoofers. The instructions in the manual will be detailed and prove useful for the beginners.

You can also check for the soundbar reviews regarding the product you have selected to purchase. These sound bar reviews will help you in choose the top soundbars available in the market. You can also choose from the list of the best soundbar 2017 that we have laid out for you.

Record Player Stand Reviews & Ratings

Record Player Stand | Best Record Player Tables 

Record players have been entertaining people since the late 19th century so that the music could be heard in the purest of forms, the way it was meant to be heard. Regardless of the age of these recorders, they still hold a great importance in the world of the music crazies. So, you have a record player. But, where to put it? This is where a Record Player Stand or Table is very handy.

Would you put your clothes in the fridge? Or, would you put the food in the cupboard? We hope the answer to the questions was a NO! Your record player needs a proper and safe place. It needs to be handled with care. You wouldn’t treat these treasures in a disrespectful way, would you?

This is reason enough that you definitely need a Record Player Stand with Storage!

record player stand

Now, if you are going to buy a record player stand, you need to take into consideration a few important points.

  • You should know what you want or what you expect out of the piece of furniture you are going to buy. How much space do you have for the record stand?Would the stand fit nicely or could it create a block in the space?
  • You have to admit that the record player tables are fragile little things. You need to make sure to invest in a stand that can preserve your equipment and your collections in the best way possible.
  • Also, the record player and the collections you possess need to be showed off in the perfect way, isn’t it? The stand can help you display them and prevent from the mess that builds up inevitably over time.

So to sum it up, it should be sturdy enough for your collections, sufficient enough for the record player and flashy enough for the room.

Record Player Stand Reviews | Top 5 Turntable Stand

Now that you ready to shop, here is a list of best record player stands that we have assembled just for your benefit.

record player stand

  • Crosley ST75-BK Bardstown Entertainment Cabinet

This is not a secret that Crosley produces the most turntable stands in the market today. And so it has a lot of options to provide you with great variety. This Crosley ST75-BK Bardstown Entertainment Cabinet is not the best option you have out there just because of its impressive price tag, but also because it’s elegance.

We also love the storage space it provides for all the vinyl collection to be kept securely. Also, the size of the stand is very reasonable which means that it can also fit into a tight setting.

The hardwood record player stand offers three different colors which are cherry, black and paprika. The dimension of Crosley ST75-BK Bardstown is 16 x 20 x 25 inches and it weighs 32 pounds.

  • Crosley ST66-PA Manchester Entertainment Centre Stand

This stand is for those people who want a simple but chic stand for their space. It has a straightforward design with the record player space on the top. Although it does not provide a lot of space for the LPs, it still has room for at least 50 records. So, it is best suited for folks who do not have a massive collection of records.

It is affordable, small and has light weight of 13.3 pounds. The dimensions of Crosley ST66-PA are 25 x 13.8 x 18.2 inches. And, it does not offer any variations.

  • Winsome Wood Shelf


The Winsome Wood Shelf is rectangular shaped stand with two shelves and the top with a smooth surface. It has a shiny design with a flexible system. You have the choice to add more shelves to create a storage wall unit, available 2-Shelf narrow, 2-Shelf wide, 3-Shelf wide and 4-Shelf narrow which means it provides different variations to the buyer to make it fit as they will.

The Winsome Wood Shelf has the dimension of 11.2 x 13.5 x 29.2 inches and weighs 18 pounds. It has been noted, that it does have a slight issue of regular sized records sticking out of the shelves just a bit.

EANOS700 Electrohome Signature Vinyl Record Player Classic Turntable Natural Wood

This Electrohome Signature Vinyl Record Player Classic Turntable made of natural wood is the perfect mix of classic vintage with modern technologies fit for all kinds of listeners. It has four speakers with well-tuned acoustic cabinet that is capable of filling a whole room with music.

It has an automatic belt-driven turntable at the top. It provides the user with three speeds 33-1/3 rpm, 45 rpm and 78 rpm and is capable of spinning records of 7-inch, 10-inch and 12-inch. Furthermore, it offers a complete Hi-Fi Stereo System. It appears to be the best in the market.

Audio Technica AT-LP60BK Fully Automatic Belt-Drive Stereo Turntable

Some geniuses in the Audio Technica’s audio hardware production industry came up with this beast of a record player. This turntable enables the user to transfer and save the music digitally.

It has a built-in pre-amplifier of AT-LP60USB is stereo/phono switchable which can be linked with the stereo system. It can create an output level of 2.5mV at 1 kHz. The material used for this turntable is aluminium which is one of its most impressive features.


We hope this article benefits you in making your choice for your perfect record player easier. Go get one!

Food for Thought About Record Stand

There are different types of record players and tables and different genres of music for different individuals however; the best record player is the one that is treasured by all. Apart from the classy and beautiful piece of décor, you need to keep an eye out for quality. Quality is all that matters as it is a great means of music.

The portable record players of today have classic features with modern touches. These record players also offer USB outputs, bluetooths and more. Therefore, you also get the option to play music from your smartphones as well as other electronic devices aside from just playing the vinyl records.

If you buy a bad record player, it may damage your vinyl as you might be well aware; these things are to be carefully handled for they are pretty fragile. A little scratch on your vinyl can make it unreadable after a little use. Now you wouldn’t want to waste all that money you invested on your record collections, would you?